Hamburg Rally

Our Hamburg Rally not only takes you through the city but also allows you to get in touch with Hamburg in a very special way.

This special rally allows you to discover the metropolis:

Hamburg as you would never see it in usual tourist guides or websites… a Hamburg that will blow your mind and that of your friends, family or colleagues. Now, you can share the memories of this marvellous city with your loved ones… and shared memories are the best of all!

Gabriela Scheppmann and her team organised the Hamburg Rally themselves and would love to share their knowledge with you! Discover with Hamburg Exclusive, the secret side of the town’s renowned landmarks without having to follow the usual tourist path. Discover unknown places, insider islands and hidden oases, from a very special perspective.

Hamburg Rally, with adventures and lots of fun guaranteed!

Have an expedition with adventure, and lots of fun guaranteed” is Gabriela Scheppmann’s advice. It is the most thrilling and entertaining way to see Hamburg’s beauty and diverse facets. “Let us show you the most beautiful places in town!”

The Hamburg Rally is all about the city and its interesting sights, and is filled with pleasant surprises. All the time, the individual experience remains in the foreground. We show you everything special and curious behind the scenes, in a fun and entertaining way

The guide book about the Hamburg Rally is designed by Gabriela Scheppmann, who dedicated much care to every detail. It places tasks to motivate you to discover Hamburg. Divided into teams, you will start an exciting and captivating journey.

Our Hamburg Rally is much more than just a tour. It inspires you, lets you breathe in the city – as an event, part of a work outing or as a special surprise for a very special person.

We are proud to show you a  , hoping you will be the next to recommend us. We would certainly be glad to hear from you.

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