Corporate events

Our know-how gives charm to corporate events in Hamburg like the harbour does to the Elbe River banks, and is as thrilling as the lights are along the Reeperbahn

A thrilling metropolis – the city of possibilities for corporate events is Hamburg! The North is much more than just a classical beauty and a charming nature. We plan, organise and accompany your corporate event to suit your every wish. Whether trendy or elegant, we make it unique in every way. We offer you a dazzling mosaic combining the marvellous facets of the metropolis between the Baltic and the North Sea, between coasts and riverbanks.

Hamburg Exclusive knows where to find what you seek. Would you like to help your corporate event in Hamburg along by attending a musical, personally-chosen artist performance or a special guided harbour tour? Would you like to experience the city from a very special perspective, from its culinary, architectural or adventurous side? Would you like to find out why Hamburg’s nickname is “The Pearl”, and share so many great memories with all of your colleagues and friends? All you need to do is to contact us.

Diversity for your corporate event in Hamburg

Have you ever asked anyone about Hamburg? You would watch them glow up! Marvel at the boat rides along the Alster on the glittering waters in the summer sun, glittering like the signs that illuminate the pulsating heart of the Reeperbahn, about the endless freedom waving far beyond the harbour, all through this city along the Elbe River, about evenings in dazzling theatres, unending green parks and intoxicating nightclubs… after the journey has long turned to an adventure.

Contact us! Hamburg Exclusive will find the perfect entertainment program for your corporate event… at the perfect location and at the perfect time. Inspire us with your ideas and experience the magic of ours. We tailor each and every corporate event in Hamburg to your needs like the designers of the luxury boulevard “Neuer Wall” fashion their couture.

Vielfalt für ihre Firmenveranstaltung in Hamburg

Hamburg Exclusive shows you and your colleagues whatever really interests you, and provides your adventures with a valuable business plus: team building!

Your corporate event in Hamburg

We turn corporate events in Hamburg into unforgettable journeys for everyone,
because you know what you want, and we want you to get exactly what you wish for!

A corporate event to Hamburg is always something special – and especially rewarding for your employees. There is no better place to build up collegial bonds than in the world’s most beautiful city: Hamburg! What could motivate better than watching the morning hustle and bustle at the Fish Market? How could team spirit flourish any better than while rowing a boat down the Alster river? Is there any better time for special moments than during an extraordinary race through this “Venice of the North”?

Customised programs

Welcome to the coast, welcome to the north! Hamburg Exclusive is the best of the best, far away from the mainstream – as always – on individually planned corporate events in Hamburg. Discover the most beautiful places in town, known only to a few. We organise the perfect guided city tour off the beaten tourist track – whether you wish to see historical monuments, crazy scenes or just stride along the harbour, and find the most special artists for your vivid soirées! Or would you prefer a gala evening?

You surely have many ideas for your corporate event in Hamburg. Hamburg Exclusive has the key to realising them…so that none of your wishes will remain unfulfilled.

From the perfect restaurant to the most suitable seminar room, Hamburg Exclusive makes sure everything is just right, finding the perfect hotel room too. You can also entrust us with arranging your arrival and departure. Your business outing to Hamburg is your day… and our mission. It is hard to believe how many possibilities this metropolis at the Elbe River has to offer!

Are you looking for chic alternatives in Hamburg’s Schanze district, where musicians and master chefs run their shops side by side? You might be attracted to the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli and by the harbour, or plan a picnic in the river arms of nature, perhaps in the wonderful park “Planten un Blomen”, the green heart of our city?

Or would you prefer something elegant, or even extravagant? We would gladly plan your corporate event to Hamburg with you. Meticulous and cosmopolitan… Hamburg Exclusive’s success recipe.

Here, we proudly refer to the testimonial of Spleiss AG, a company based in Zurich. How about writing the next one?