Firsthand and first class VIP Service: Hamburg Exclusive allows its special guests to experience Hamburg from its very best facet

Our VIP-service is above all comprehensive – professional and reliable. Whether transportation from the airport to the hotel, company throughout your events, shopping consultation, concert management or taking care of your guests – we organize your entire stay and stand by your side whenever you wish us to, while remaining discretely in the background though. Trust Hamburg Exclusive with any professional and private concerns regarding your stay.

Trustworthy and international

Its skillful performance, even on an international level, makes Gabriela Scheppmann and her team to the right contact in such special occasions. Here, you do not need to place a special request… because every request already is special in our eyes. To us, VIP service is not just providing service, it also is consulting and informing – always competently, discretely, skilled and with great devotion. Internationality and cosmopolitan spirit weld with the typical German meticulousness in this service together.

The VIP service benefits from Gabriela Scheppmann’s tactfulness and keen manner of interacting with artists and other public figures. Her team would like to escort you and tend to your concerns. It is mobile and multifaceted. That is what makes it so special. Sit back and enjoy the comfort we provide. Your well-being is our goal.

Gabriela Scheppmann has seen the world side by side with artists, lived in the USA and London, and finally settled in Hamburg. She travelled much and far, and she knows what it’s like to live out of a suitcase, having to stand on your own far away from home. And she wrapped all of these experiences in this artist-service package. That is why Hamburg Exclusive stands for organizing instead of improvising!

Sometimes, it is okay to take a little bit more. More luxury, more extravagance, more discretion… Contact us, for special moments with someone special …and for someone special.

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