Let yourself be carried away and pampered on an exclusive tour on the island Sylt

Quiet and classy – Sylt is both. This largest North Frisian island is known for its breathtaking sandy beaches, its splendid clean and fresh air, natural dune landscapes and cliffs… but also for the celebrities it hosts, its gourmet restaurants and luxurious hotels.

For the citizens of Hamburg it is absolutely a must: After a car or train trip of no more than about three hours, you reach this island awoken from its long slumber by Playboy Gunter Sachs.

Hamburg Exclusive gives you an exclusive, individual and tailor-made view of Sylt, unique and unforgettable. We make the hotel and restaurant bookings, as well as nightclub reservations and see to, that you taste the culinary luxuries of the legendary Sansibar restaurant.

All this is given you in a Sylt-exclusive-tour arranged just for you.

Promenade through the picturesque dunes or walk along the beach, for we ensure that special moments will be part of your Sylt-exclusive-tour and offer you the luxuries you always wished for.

Enjoy the splendid landscapes, the unending dunes, the dazzling Wadden Sea, breathe in the fresh healing sea air, meet celebrities and renowned personalities and let the magic beauty of this unique northern island carry you away. Experience Sylt exclusively on a trip arranged to suit your very own needs and wishes.

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