Your personal secretary in Hamburg: we can relieve you from the burden of your professional tasks…and more. We would like to stand by your side.

Being a private secretary is more than a profession. It is a vocation, it is everything else than machine-like work, it is all about finding innovative solutions for ever new challenges.

Good secretarial service is more than answering the phone. We support you and open you the doors to society. And while being the talk of town, your personal secretary will ensure the necessary discretion behind the scenes. Whether you need support in your private or professional life, Hamburg Exclusive makes sure that your free time actually stays free and that your work does not invade your entire life. This mobile secretarial service takes off your loads!

Hamburg Exclusive does not limit the job of the private secretary to the standard duties: our mobile secretarial service provides you the full range of organization and communication services. Not just personally, but above all flexibly! Based on mutual trust and our long experience in the field of administrative management.

Benefit from our organizational skills, our exceptional connections and our loyalty to hierarchy and perfection. You too can count on our creativity and care for every detail, because it always takes much love and imagination to fulfill other people’s wishes. The best private secretary always does her best to bring an idea and its ideal way of implementation together. Contact Hamburg Exclusive, we come to your bureau or home.

From classical to exclusive

As a personal assistant, we accomplish the classical secretarial work such as documentation, correspondences or planning. We prepare presentations, manage your appointments, organize your trips, make researches… on a regular basis, as agreed on call or whenever your assistant is on sick-leave.

We work at your office or home-office… always discretely and to suit your every wish, we are mobile and we give you the perfect secretarial service!

The secretarial service of Hamburg gives you some breathing space to focus on the core of your business or your important projects; so take a deep breath; for from now on, we are at your side, as your buffer for stress, perfect partner and glue that holds your business together!

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