Did you know, that Hamburg…

… has more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam and London altogether?

… belongs to the world’s music cities, thanks to its many operas, musicals, festivals and outstanding musical history?

… annually hosts over 100 luxury liners and that the harbor’s anniversary is the biggest harbor festival worldwide?

… hosts the biggest urban development project with its newly built Hafen City (Harbor City)?

… on top of its Hafen City Kaispeicher (a historical monument) one of the world’s best 10 concert halls, the Elbphilharmonie, will come into existence – with room for about 3,000 guests?

… has, second to Berlin, the biggest number of starred restaurants and culinary “magicians”, such as Steffen Henssler, Tim Mälzer, Cornelia Poletto, Christian Rach and Josef Viehäuser?

… is home to the most of Germany’s millionaires?

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