Hamburg Exclusive’s guest service: Only the best for your guest – and a bit more!

Good service does not resemble a bunch of drawings on a paper, let alone excellent one! It resembles a tableau on the big screen – it witnesses of knowledge, know-how and imagination… because your guests imagine their stay in Hamburg in the most dazzling colors. Help them combine their picturesque ideas into an ideal picture by booking our outstanding services!

It takes much practice and time to become a great host; time which we don’t always find between office hours and bedtime. But we wish for our guests to feel like home – even when we are not personally there.

This is why Hamburg Exclusive also offers guest service. And same as applies to all our services: your wish is our command, your ideas our motivation. This is all about people you cherish, such as friends, family or business partners

We offer each a suitable entertainment program

Guest service starts with good planning, with gathering suggestions and ideas on how to introduce the facets of Hamburg that will fascinate your guests most. You know what they like, we know the city! Tell us about their favorable leisure activities, their preferred restaurants, the suitable wellness program

Would you like some cultural stops or rather prefer sports? How about a day trip to the beach or a night walk at the Reeperbahn? How about a guided city tour just for you or our exclusive Hamburg Rally? We will definitely find the right program for your trip… here at the Elbe and Alster River.

Our guest service emphasizes the experience of special moments: Your guests should not only just spend the night in Hamburg; they could also be surprised, be overwhelmed by the various possibilities that the city offers. Together, we make your stay extraordinary and exciting. Hamburg Exclusive plans and organizes your trip, and could also accompany your guests – upon request – through the most attractive green parks, the best museums and the most beautiful places in town. The guests are not only treated like kings… they will enjoy it, and would love to come back, of this you can be sure!

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