Hamburg, Germany and the entire world…

Our team consists of qualified, engaged and experienced members from all over the world. Gabriela Scheppmann and her carefully chosen team members of Hamburg Exclusive offer you the basis for an effective and professional fulfillment of your wishes … at the highest quality level and, and of course, in many languages.

Gabriela discovered her passion for the cosmopolitan lifestyle on her numerous trips which included extended stays in London and Los Angeles. Her talent for organizing everyday life and the flexibility she developed in order to manage in the best possible way, were of particular help to her especially  during her turbulent marriage with the musician Michael Schenker.

We are continuously in contact with people from the different realms of literature, art, culture and fashion. All the team members are qualified and trained to organize and structure their work, reliably, competently, discretely and with wholehearted dedication, great professionalism and commitment.

Rudolf Schenker from the German rock band “The Scorpions”, Gabriela’s friend and ex-brother-in-law was the one who gave the final kick to the foundation of this agency.It is he who convinced her to transform her skills into a service that others can benefit from. Many thanks, Rudolf! Keep on rocking your life!

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